Sunburst - Oil Acrylic Painting by Irwin Thompson Mind Games - oil acrylic painting by Artist Irwin E Thompson God Particle - Oil Acrylic Painting by Irwin Thompson
Artist Irwin E Thompson in his art studio
Irwin E Thompson

Artist – Irwin E Thompson

I have had a life-long interest in art and poetry, but graduated from the University of Glasgow, Scotland with an MD degree. During my medical career, I continued to paint and write poetry and have published two books, “Memories & Milestones” of selected poems and paintings in 2007. In 2015 I also published another wonderful book of poems and paintings “My Parallel Universe”. I have had numerous shows of my work throughout New England and have sold paintings across the United States from Petaluma to Sarasota.

His work is always a welcome pleasure for me to deeply experience and contemplate! I live with several of his paintings, as well as his Poems and Haikus that bring me delight daily.

Warren Patterson